Our mission at SKAPIT is to enable other businesses to easily access ski holidays.  We are an experienced team of Ski and Tech professionals with a passion to make the Industry we love – Ski – much easier to work within, to enable your business to create fantastic ski experiences for your customers.

We have two products available - SKAPIT Integrate and SKAPIT Agent - and depending on your requirements, one of these solutions will enable your business to effectively sell ski holidays.

SKAPIT Integrate - this is a bespoke ski-dedicated B2B API that, once integrated into your system, will enable your customers to search and book ski holidays direct from your website, using your existing booking engine, payment system, and reservations system. SKAPIT Integrate requires developer involvement (approx. 35-40 developer hours), but you will be given a lot of support throughout the integration process, with super-clear API documentation and one-to-one support from one of our in-house development team.

SKAPIT Agent - this is a simple Agency Portal that requires no technological development - simply a case of signing up and logging in. SKAPIT Agent works in exactly the same way a consumer travel website works - you will be able to search, filter/sort and book ski holidays on behalf of your customers. The difference is that you can see the commission you will earn on each booking, prior to booking, and you will be able to book products without any upfront payment.

Both products will quickly deliver Ski to your business.

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