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SKAPIT provides easy access to all B2B buyers of Ski Accommodation and Activities via an easy to integrate ski-dedicated API (SKAPIT Integrate) or an instant access portal (SKAPIT Agency Portal).

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SKĀPIT Integrate

Achieve instant access to our vast range of pre-contracted products by the integration of a single API.

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Access instantly bookable products from an easy-to-use Agency Portal

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to simplify ski.

Organising skiing holidays for Travel businesses is complicated, with the requirement to put several different elements together in order to meet the customer's needs. Equally, the technology surrounding ski holiays is complex - with mulitiple different systems across multiple different products. Hence a lot of Travel Businesses avoid Ski altogether. However, SKAPIT has created a system that solves this complexity into easy-to-access solutions in order to enable businesses to sell Ski Holidays with confidence and ease. 

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